The 513th Fighter Squadron

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Unit History of 513th
Period ending 30 June 1944

Changes in Organization

During June, the following changes in the Organization took place:

4 June—Capt. WILLIAM R. DUNN relieved from assignment as Flight Commander and reassigned to Group Headquarters.

6 June—1st Lts. RICHARD A. PLUMLEY, RICHARD C. CURRY and 2nd Lt. GORDON T. SPINERNE (pilots) assigned to the squadron from 342nd Group, Atcham, England.

9 June—2nd Lt. LESTER HAAS relieved from duty as Personal Equipment Officer and appointed Assistant Engineering Officer.

11 June—1st Lt. STANLEY NORRIS relieved from assignment as Communications Officer and reassigned to Replacement Unit #3, 13th Control Depot.

13 June—1st Lt. WALSH appointed Captain per SO #159, par. 4, Hq. 9AF, dated 7 June 1944.

15 June—2nd Lt. JAMES COX appointed 1st Lt. Per SO #153, per Hq. ETOUSA, dated 1 June 1944.

20 June—2nd Lt. CARL L. GRAY entered in morning report as missing, after failing to return from operational mission over France. Captain HENRY W. SHURLDS, JR., Operations Officer, appointed Major, and 1st Lt. WENDELL D. BRADY, flight leader, appointed Captain per SO #161, para. 9, Hq. ETOUSA, dated 9 June 1944. 2nd Lt. WAYNE T. SWANBERY appointed 1st Lt. Per SO #161, para. 9, Hq. ETOUSA, dated 9 June 1944.

25 June—Squadron redesignated 513th Fighter Squadron (SE), per GO #160, para. 1, Hq. 9AF, dated 13 June 1944. 2nd Lt. DWIGHT HAGEN assigned to squadron from Hq. & Hq. Sq. 495th Fighter Training Group. 2nd Lt. HARRY NOCK appointed 1st Lt. Per SO #143, para. 43, Hq. ETOUSA, dated 22 May 1944. 2nd Lt. DEMERITT entered in morning report as missing, after failure to return from operational mission over France.

B. Strength, Commissioned and Enlisted

DateOfficersEMOff. Att'dEM Att'd
31 May 19444924900
30 June 19445024505

C. Station Changes, Date of Arrival and Departure:


D. Losses in Action

17 June—2nd Lt. CARL L. GRAY failed to return from an Armed Reconnaissance Mission in the Lessay area.

25 June—2nd Lt. RAYMOND DEMERITT failed to return from a rail cutting, dive bombing mission in the Chartres-Voves area.

E. Awards, Decorations

The following pilots were awarded the Air Medal during the month:

Major GORDON W. FOWLER, 04284872nd Lt. ELDON D. DUNKLEBURGER, 0815941
Major HENRY W. SHURLDS, 04322402nd Lt. RODDY S. ELLIS, JR., 0810338
Capt. WENDELL D. BRADY, 07367912nd Lt. JOHN F. GEMENDER, 0811886
Capt. RAYMOND M. WALSH, 05307292nd Lt. MALCOLM G. HICKS, 0810370
1st Lt. WILLIAM B. COBB, 08103152nd Lt. LEWIS H. HALL, 0810363
1st Lt. ROLLAND W. FUNK, 07370552nd Lt. JOHN J. HASSETT, JR., 0810364
1st Lt. JOHN W. HUGHES, 07430212nd Lt. JAMES E. HOSKINS, 0811908
1st Lt. WARREN T. LENHART, 07959892nd Lt. LEE A. MAYO, 0810539
1st Lt. JACK R. MILLER, 08105492nd Lt. CHARLES W. PURCELL, 0810564
1st Lt. HARRY A. NOCK, 08083062nd Lt. QUINLAN T. REGAN, 0810566
1st Lt. ROBERT O'NEILL, 07996242nd Lt. EUGENE W. RHODES, 0810569
1st Lt. WAYNE T. SWANBERY, 08105952nd Lt. RAYMOND R. STEWART, 0811971
1st Lt. CHAS. B. HALL-MIA, 07274482nd Lt. ROSS T. TURNER, 0697069
2nd Lt. JENE F. ATHERTON, 08104552nd Lt. WILLIE T. WHITMAN, 0811887
2nd Lt. EDWIN H. BLAKELY, 08102982nd Lt. RAY E. DEMERITT-MIA, 0810328
2nd Lt. LUTHER B. COOPER, 08127572nd Lt. CARL L. GRAY-MIA, 0810355