The 406th Occupier

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H ere are a couple examples of results obtained by 406th missions:

A letter from Maj. Gen. Weyland:

"It is now known that a fragmentation bomb attack delivered by two squadrons of 406th Fighter Group on 7 October caused many casualties, demoralized the enemy and greatly facilitated the advance of U.S. troops.

"Third U.S. Army's XII Corps has reported to this Headquarters that when  its units launched their attack on 8 October, 2,500 prisoners of war were captured with virtually no losses in the woods south of Nomeny. These woods had been attacked just before dark on 7 October by 24 P-47 pilots of 513th and 514th Squadrons, 406th Fighter Group, who reported 48 120-pound fragmentation clusters were dropped on a troop concentration on the west side of the woods but were unable to observe results.

"Prisoners of war reported that severe casualties resulted, and one captured company commander stated that the attack was the most severe he had experienced in five years of war. In  his entire company, he stated only 20 men survived. Our troops advancing through the woods found soldiers stunned and hiding behind trees and logs, offering no resistance.

"For this outstanding successful attack, I take pleasure in commending the 406th Fighter Group. All personnel concerned are to be congratulated for their part in striking this effective blow at the enemy, with resultant saving of American lives."

Another from Gen. Weyland:

"On 29 January your squadron provided a notable contribution to this systematic reduction of the enemy's mobility by destroying or damaging, on a single mission, 225 motor vehicles, 6 armored vehicles, 6 heavy artillery pieces, 5 horse-drawn vehicles and by killing 30 plus enemy troops. It is with great pleasure that I commend the personnel of your squadron highly for this outstanding operation and express my full confidence that their courage, ability and devotion to duty will continue to provide exceptional achievements until the final victory is won."